Grilled Prawns with Mango Salad and Sriracha Mayo


Turn up your festive celebrations with these succulent grilled tiger prawns served with a  mango salad, spicy sriracha mayonnaise and lime wedges.




Step 1:
Peel prawns, leaving heads and tails attached. Devein prawns. Thread prawns onto skewers, from tail to head.
Step 2:
Preheat a greased barbecue on medium heat. Cook prawns for 5 minutes, turning occasionally, or until they change colour.
Step 3:
Combine mango, avocado, onion and mint in a bowl. Drizzle lime juice over mixture and gently toss to combine.
Step 4:
Place mayonnaise in a small bowl. Swirl through sriracha. Serve prawns with mango salad, sriracha mayonnaise and lime wedges.
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