Essential Beauty Bump Dots: Your secret to smooth skin!

Say goodbye to those pesky skin nuisances like piercing bumps, pimples, and in-grown hairs with Essential Beauty’s Bump Dot range! Get ready to reveal your best skin ever, consisting of three products each designed
to target specific skin concerns:

Calm – Piercing Bump Treatment Dots:
Essential Beauty has developed something that targets those annoying piercing bumps. Simply apply Clear Bump Dots to your piercing overnight for soothing relief, wake up and love the results! Calm Bump Dots draw out excess moisture, reduce redness and swelling.

Erase – Ingrown Hair Treatment Dots:
Ingrown hairs can be painful and hard to treat and can often appear after hair removal. Essential Beauty’s Erase Bump Dots will flatten, smooth, and treat ingrown hairs by removing moisture and providing a protective shield against irritation and infection.

Clear – Pimple Treatment Dots:
Don’t let pimples steal your confidence. Clear Bump Dots will be your secret weapon for tackling blemishes; these hydrocolloid patches work overnight to dry out the pimple leaving you with clearer skin.

Visit Essential Beauty to purchase their Piercing Treatment Dots in-salon today!

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